Increase Your Matched Betting Income By Looking Beyond Normal Sportsbook Offers & Get Involved in Matched Betting Casino Offers

Okay I lied.

Technically speaking, profiting and taking advantage of casino bonus offers isn’t matched betting. We’re not backing any team to win – well, other than yourself 🙂 and we’re not using a betting exchange to lay our selections. 

Casino offers are different from; 2 Up’s, normal welcome offers, and the vast majority of reload offers

So what the hell are we doing? 

Well, let’s get straight to the point. Casino offers come in many different ‘shapes’ and sizes’ and like other offers you’ve likely taken can be presented as either a welcome offer or a reload offer. 

Casino offers ranges from; no risk, low risk to finally high risk. Essentially, by being aware of how casino offers work, a few technical and mathematical explanations and understanding what value each casino offers, we can set ourselves up to increase the likelihood (for low and high risk offers) of us making a profit. 

All sounds a bit too much to understand? Hold tight my young profit-generating matched bettor. You’re about to find out why some matched bettors actually prefer profiting from casino offers than your regular matched betting offers…

Are Casino Offers Worth It?

Many matched bettors, myself included tend to stay away from casino offers in the beginning. And, that’s probably a good idea. I mean, everyone wants the guaranteed offer traditional matched betting brings, and if they can guarantee profit why would they add something that could possibly lose them money?

Well here’s a few reasons why casino offers should be part of your matched betting strategy;

  1. Casino Offers Can Bank BIG: You could win anything from a few pence to sometimes banking thousands. There are many reports of matched bettors in forums and Facebook groups who have reported earning hundreds and sometimes thousands from a simple casino offer.
  2. Some Offers Are Risk-Free: Risk-free you ask? Yes, there are some casino offers that come with no risk. So of course, it makes sense to complete these offers even if you don’t continue to do casino offers in the medium to long term.
  3. Casino Offers Are Easier: Matched betting while profitable and fun at times does require a certain level of focus to complete as so not to make any mistakes. Casino offers can literally be completed on autopilot.

Disclaimer: Outside of the no-risk casino offers there is a chance you can lose money. Even with no risk offers, if you decide to make gambling decisions you could actually lose money. We take no responsibility for this.

If you don’t have the stomach to see money being lost in the short term to possibly winning big in the long term then we recommend you stick to guaranteed offers. Also, it is advised that you do not chase your losses.

Finally, it’s worth noting slots and casino games are ALWAYS set up for the bookmaker to win. This is why gamblers lose money.

This is intended as an introductory guide and we recommend you use Profit Accumulator before you decide to do these offers.

Exploiting Casino Offers Using Matched Betting Techniques 

Understanding How Casinos Make Money: House Edge

There are a few things you need to be aware of before taking any casino offers. Luckily for us matched bettors there are various casino offers every day – however, not all casino offers were created equal.

Between the risk-free, low risk and high risk offers out there there are plenty of options available for you to pick up some profit.

But, before we go steaming ahead into the types of offers you can do – let’s have a quick look into some very important keywords and phrases you should be aware of…


Variance is the first thing you should look to understand. Anything outside of a risk-free casino offer (low to high-risk offers) isn’t necessarily designed for you to lose – but it is designed for the house to win. 

We call this the ‘house edge’.  House Edge is basically the mathematical advantage a bookmaker has over you when you play their casino games. Over the long term, the bookmaker always wins. 

There are however times when the punter wins – if there wasn’t, nobody would play their games. This is what we call ‘variance’. We can turn this variance into our favour however by taking advantage of the better bonuses on offer.

But what is a ‘better bonus’ – how do you know which ones to take to ensure you keep variance on your side?

Expected Value (EV)

To get an idea of what bonuses are worth taking advantage of and what offers are best left alone, we need to calculate the ‘expected value’ of the offer. You can do this by using a mathematical formula:

Expected Value = Casino Bonus – (House Edge x Total Wagering Required)

Luckily for us as matched bettors, we don’t need to work out the risk and the expected value of every offer we come across because some bright minds have already done it for us.

Using Profit Accumulator, you’ll be able to get access to all the casino offers for the day, week, or month. Each offer is categorised by difficulty, expected value, and risk level – saving you a huge amount of time.

In short, don’t rely on your own calculations. Leverage the time and knowledge of OM and PA.

That said, it is important to know the process of what’s going on.

In general, there are 3 types of casino games you’ll play: BlackJack, Slots, and Roulette. Each game has its own house edge for the bookmaker with BlackJack having the lowest at 0.5% (making it the best game to play), Slots having a range of house edge (between 2-10%) depending on the game you’re playing and terms the bookmaker has set and finally, Roulette which has a House Edge of 2.5%.

Using these percentages we can calculate the RTP or Return To Player amount for each game. If we take BlackJack with a 0.5% house edge, we can work out that the RTP is 99.5%.

In theory, this basically means, for every £1 we would bet on BlackJack we would expect to receive 99.5p back – over the long term. Remember, variance plays a role here too.

Wagering Requirements

In the above formula, we mentioned something called ‘wagering’. This means, depending on the offer and the bookie you’re playing at, you’ll have to ‘rollover’ a certain amount of money before they will pay out.

In layman’s terms, a ‘wager’ is basically just a bet. So wagering requirements is the bet amount you must place before you can withdraw your money.

Casino Games

While casino games can come in all shapes and sizes, generally speaking, you will be completing your casino offers using 1 of the following games:


BlackJack is basically a card game where players try to accumulate cards with a combined total of 21 and no more.

BlackJack tends to be the best game to take your casino offers for as the game has:

  • House Edge = 0.5%
  • RTP = 99.5%


Roulette is a game where a ball is dropped on a spinning wheel with numbered, coloured sections. Players basically bet on the number of coloured section the ball will finish on.

Roulette casino games have:

  • House Edge = 2.5%
  • RTP = 97.5%


Slots can vary in look and function especially with the added digital advantage, bookmakers can really customize the look and feel of every slot game.

The premise is the same across the games, however. They usually involve 3-5 reels and in order to win, the reels must line up in a certain way.

Slots have a varied house edge depending on the game with a range between 2%-10%. Making the RTP range from 98%-90%.

Types of Casino Offers and Bonuses 

With that, all said here are a list of the types of casino offers you should expect to see:

Risk-Free Casino Offers

These offers usually involve free spins or some sort of bonus without having to deposit any money in your account. Because of this, these offers are risk-free.

The downside of course is the wagering requirements needed to withdraw your money tend to be rather large, further reducing your chances of making a profit. That said, however, I have personally taken advantage of these offers and have banked a nice tidy profit from them – so they are well worth doing.

Low-Risk Casino Offers

Low risk obviously involves some sort of risk but as the name suggests the risk to reward ratio is low enough that these offers are generally worth taking. Here are some examples of low-risk casino offers bookies send out:

SIDE NOTE: Always understand the rules (terms and conditions) of every offer before you complete them. This can be done by reading the offer terms yourself or relying on a matched betting service such as PA.

  1. Bet £XX and receive X Free Spins 

An example of this would be an offer Genting Bet sometimes sends out. They’ll offer free spins if you stake a certain amount of money on the football.

So for example; Bet £10 on a Premier League game this weekend and receive 10 free spins. With this offer, we could simply lay the bet off and then take advantage of our free spins. (Do remember, however, there might possibly be some qualifying loss, the difference between the odds with this type of offer)

This also works in reverse, that is; Wager £XX on [GAME] and receive £XX free bet.

  1. Deposit £XX and get Bonus / Spins

Another low risk casino offer you’ll often see is the Deposit X and get Bonus/Spins offer. These can take various ‘shapes’ but generally the bookie will give you a certain amount of spins or bonuses depending on the amount you deposit.

Again, ensure you know the terms and conditions of the offer before you take it.

  1. Wager £XX and get £XX Cash

From time to time some bookies will offer you straight out cash to entice you to sign up to their platform. One way is to use the ‘Wager X and X Cash’ offer.

This offer basically involves wagering a certain amount on a game and getting a cash bonus as a reward for completing the terms of the offer.

  1. Wager £XX and get Free Spins / Bonus

Similar to the first offer I explained above, except this time instead of placing a bet on a sport they want you to wager a certain amount of money within the casino section of their site.

Same idea – different terms. ‘Rewards’ are then offered in terms of free spins and/or free bonuses.

High-Risk Casino Offers

It’s normally advised that high-risk offers are completed only after you have a good grasp of casino offers in general, have completed all the other offers on offer, and have a large bankroll.

In general, most matched bettors do not take these high-risk offers. And for the average person taking advantage of matched betting offers I wouldn’t recommend you do them either. Why? Because you’ll have to have thick skin to see your profits decrease while keeping faith in the mathematical process taking place.

These offers can be very profitable, however, but the swings can be equally volatile. I’d recommend that if you do decide to take these offers then using the community forums located in a matched betting service would be a great start.

Best Casino Reload Offers

Finding the ‘best’ casino reload offers is a balancing act between finding low risk offers vs the profitability of those offers.

Because of variance, it’s nigh on impossible to pick the ‘best’ casino offers. It’s also worth noting that the bigger the offer does NOT mean that the casino offer is actually better.

In general, I’d recommend taking any of the risk-free casino offers you come across and most (if not all) of the low-risk offers.

Daily Casino Offers

The best way to find daily casino offers is through Profit Accumulator.


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