There are so many areas you’ll need to be aware of and constantly monitoring if you’re going to go down this route. If you do decide to take this route, please note any of what I have said in this article does NOT constitute legal advice. And, as an extra precaution, I would consult someone who does have legal knowledge in this area before going ahead with matched betting with multiple accounts. What I have written below is not to be taken as advice to go ahead and start matched betting with multiple accounts. It’s rather a guide to show you how other people are doing it and what the risks are associated with it. As an added transparency note – I am NOT involved in ‘gnoming’ or having multi betting accounts. For me, the risks far outweigh the benefits.


Matched Betting: Multiple Accounts – What’s The Deal? 

Aye, the profits from matched betting can be a little addicting, don’t you think? 🙂

At this point, you’ve probably got a few techniques down to the tee. You’ve most likely completed all the welcome offers, you’re taking advantage of the daily reloads and starting to feel like you’re maxing out what you can do with one account.

Matched Betting with Multiple Accounts: So What’s Your Options? 

Well, you could just go ahead and continue with one account. And, if you’re a beginner or an advanced bettor this is what I’d recommend.

You could however start setting up multiple accounts in different names.

Whoah! But hold on a second. While this seems like a good strategy to maximize your profits and you may have read of numerous people doing it – it comes with pretty hefty risks.

It’s also worth noting, that if a bookmaker catches you betting with multiple accounts, nothing is off limits.

Bookmarkers are well known for playing hardball if they suspect you’re not a regular punter.

Even regular punters have their accounts closed for no reason. So, it’s well worth considering the fact that, if two or more of your accounts are suspected of coming from the same person you may well see that money disappear back to the source – AKA the bookies.

Multiple Accounts AKA: “Gnoming”

Multi Accounts (or Gnoming as it’s been called) is essential having 2 or more accounts at the ame bookies. Doing this allows you to profit double or even three times over what a normal matched bettor would be able to profit with.

So for example, the welcome offers alone are worth at least £1000. If you do this across 3 accounts, you’re looking at, AT LEAST £3000 profit.

Matched Bet with Multiple Accounts

What usually happens when someone bets with multiple accounts is they find a family member or someone they trust and know well enough to help them out. They get access to bank accounts (sometimes setting up a new bank account in that person’s name) and basically set the whole system up to look like 2 different people.

As per the terms and conditions of the bookmakers they’re going to need a different address, different bank accounts AND a different IP address. They’ll also need to have different identification if, and when a bookmaker asks them for it and finally, they’re going to need to set up separate email addresses for each account.

A couple of notes on this topic…

  • While some bookmarkers do allow two people to have accounts from the same household they usually limit the offers they give out to only one person per household

  • Gnoming is usually done using an VPN – which hides the users IP address
  • They’ll also have scanned, digital copies of the other person’s passport and a recent bank statement from the account they’re using.

Matched Betting with Multiple Accounts

Here’s how ‘gnoming’ is usually done…

They Ask a Family Member

This is usually the first step. Someone will find at least 1 other family member who is willing to let them use their details to set up their new accounts.

They get things such as;

  • Passports copies
  • New bank account details
  • Copies of the cards
  • Physical address details
  • Recent bank statements

Basically everything they need to look like a different person.

They Use a VPN

Here’s a fun bit of information, whether it’s true or not I have no idea – while travelling through Phuket in Thailand last year, I found out that a large proportion of VPN services have been built and provided by the Chinese. The same country that has banned Google and Amazon from operating within the country.

The mind boggles.

Anyway, a matched bettor using multiple accounts will more often than not have a VPN in place to hide their IP address and make it look like they’re using a different computer in a different household.

Matched Betting With Multiple Accounts: The Risk

It would be pretty irresponsible of me not to let you know of the risks of opening up multiple accounts with the same bookmakers.

If you search on the multiple forums online, you’ll quickly come across individuals who have landed up in a small claims court. Will this happen to you? Who knows – but if you are going to go down this route it’s worth being aware.

Also, in regards to law I would recommend you do a little research. As far as I am aware, betting on someone else’s behalf is okay – how many times do you know someone who has gone to the bookies to lay a bet for someone else?

Heck, I used to do it for my Grandfather!

But pretending to be someone else while having access to their financial accounts? Well, that’s a whole different story. Now, if someone has given you permission to do this I can’t see any problems – however, there could be a case, if presented properly, of fraud. So, it’s worth being aware that too.

Overall, the waters are unclear with this one. If you decided to go down this route the risk is on you, but a risk that could pay out very handsomely indeed…

Mr. Matched Betting