OddsMonkey Review: The Good, Bad & The Ugly

If you’re looking to find out about one of the very best matched betting software providers out there, you’ve come to the right place.

Matched betting isn’t a new concept but it is getting more and more popular all the time with more people getting wind of it and its potential to unlock extra income with little effort.

This isn’t necessarily a problem. In fact, the opposite is true. The growth of matched betting has given rise to the development of newer and more user-friendly software with a load of features to make matched betting simple.

OddsMonkey is one of the companies at the forefront of these developments and they’re constantly updating their platform to give their users the very best outcomes.

In this review, we’ll take an honest look at what sets OddsMoney apart from the competition and give you a rundown of its best and most useful features.

What Is OddsMonkey?

Not a bad place to start really, especially if you’re new to matched betting. OddsMonkey is a version of matched betting software that collects all of the best promotional offers from online bookmakers and posts them for its users to take advantage of.

As well as providing the offers and free bets, OddsMonkey also shows its users how to unlock these offers and make a profit from them in simple step-by-step guides.

There’s a free trial version which is obviously limited but good to get started. With the free trial, you’ll only have access to a few offers, and earning potential will be capped.

Then there’s the fully paid premium version of the software which gives users access to daily offers from over a hundred online bookmakers allowing them to make a tidy profit over whatever course of time they choose.

OddsMonkey Features

To get the most out of OddsMonkey and your matched betting, you’ll want to sign up for the premium membership plan as it will allow you to access a number of excellent features that have been specifically designed to make matched betting simple and more user friendly.

Let’s take a look at the most impressive features:

  • Oddsmatcher tool

This is the main feature of OddsMonkey and the secret behind their success – the oddsmaker is the product that really got them noticed and helped make matched betting simple.

Essentially the oddsmatcher is a form of software that allows users to quickly and easily get a comparison of odds from over 90 bookmakers and the four most popular betting exchanges meaning that they can get direct access to the best-matched betting opportunities.

The software uses a number of filters such as event type, bookmaker, betting exchange, and market type so valuable time and a huge amount of effort is saved when using it.

OddsMonkey’s oddsmatcher has a handy calculator included in the software the maths involved in comparing odds is made simple.

  • Tutorials and Training

This is one of the best draws to using OddsMonkey. Their wealth of training materials includes video tutorials and text guides which are fantastic for beginners.

If you don’t believe me, you should sign up for the free trial which is basically a tutorial that walks you through the basics of matched betting and teaches you how to make your first profit.

  • Daily Offer Calendar

    One of the biggest questions I get about matched betting is what do I do when I’ve used all of the possible welcome offers? Well, with OddsMonkey you’ll never run out of extra opportunities and reload bets.

    Their daily offer calculator presents users with the very best promotions available and it grades them by their difficulty level, so if you’re a novice you can find the easier offers whereas more experienced matched betters can have a go at the harder ones.

  • Advanced tools

    Once you become proficient in matched betting and you’ve made a wedge from the welcome offers, you might want to start thinking a bit bigger. Of course, this is going to depend on the time and stake that you want to dedicate to matched betting. If you are keen to delve deeper, then OddsMonkey has some pretty nifty advanced tools to help you reap more money from matched betting.

    The Racing Matcher is specifically designed to aid you in placing matched bets on the horse racing markets and allows you to maximise profits from bookmaker offers in that specific sport.

    Then there’s the Each Way Matcher which aids you in placing matched bets on each way events like horse racing. If you’re not sure what each-way betting is then don’t worry, it’s not too complicated although this is a more advanced tool. Essentially each way betting means that you place a bet on a ‘win’ and a ‘place’. For example, you would bet on a horse to win a race and a separate bet on the horse to finish in the next three places. With this type of matched betting, you’ll be able to get a much higher value from free bets.

    More advanced still is the Acca Matcher which allows users to place matched bets on accumulators. An accumulator is when you place a single stake on a number or an accumulation of events, for example, five football matches. When you bet on an accumulator, your odds improve dramatically and returns can be massive.

  • Community features

    By becoming a premium member of OddsMonkey, you’ll be eligible to use their superb community features which include customer support, FAQs and the matched betting forum.

    This forum is great for newcomers and experienced members alike as it provides an ongoing conversation about everything to do with matched betting. The forum allows you to keep on top of everything while you’re learning and if you have any questions about training guides, offers, or the oddsmatcher you can simply search the forum for your answer.

    If you don’t find an answer then you’ll be free to start a new thread and a response from the support team will come in no time.

  • Profit tracker

    This is a great feature as it allows you to see exactly how much profit you’re extracting through matched betting as well as a statistical overview of where your profits come from.

    These insights allow you to hone in on the areas of matched betting where you have the most success allowing you to either focus more on them and reap the rewards or branch out into other areas and broaden your matched betting knowledge.

How Much is OddsMonkey?

Nothing in life is free, or so they say. This is certainly true when it comes to matched betting software so let’s take a look at what it’s going to cost you to access all of OddsMonkey’s best, premium features.

Premium membership comes in at £19.99 per month which entitles you to access the initial welcome offers worth £1000 so it’s not a bad deal right? There’s also the option of paying a one-off annual fee of £150 meaning you’ll save £89 over the course of the year.

And of course, they also give free access to around £60 worth of welcome offer for nothing. Complete these and you’ll have made your initial monthly costs back 3x over. 

OddsMonkey Review: Summary

All-in-all OddsMonkey is a great piece of software that’s being constantly updated. There are certainly areas of the software that take winning place over its competitors, but, at the same time there are areas in which other software do trump OddsMonkey. 

Having used and had access to most of the decent pieces of software on the market here’s my summary:

If you’re a beginner or what I like to call an ‘experienced beginner’ (that is, you’ve completed at least some risk-free welcome offers already then OddsMonkey is definitely your matched betting software of choice. 

The user-experience, the layout, amount of welcome offers and the ease of following their tutorials makes OddsMonkey the best software for those who are just starting their matched betting journey. 

They’ve also increased their free account access to include £60+ worth of welcome offers – so, you’re really in a win-win situation as you can complete these offers, make your profit and then use this profit to pay for 3 months worth of membership – and STILL have some profit left over. 

In short? I’d highly recommend them for matched betting newbies – you won’t go far wrong.