Matched Betting Software Services: Making Your Life A LOT Easier

So, there’s a very good chance you fall into 1 of the 3 following categories:

  • You’re a complete newbie: you’ve likely not placed any bets yet. But, you’ve read through all the matched betting guides you can, you’ve got a good idea of how everything works and you want to complete your matched bets in a logically organized way.
  • You’re a beginner but you’ve already placed your first few bets. This is the group I fell into and it’s likely because your skepticism stopped you from investing in a matched betting service. You wanted to really know, will this work? Is this legit? Whatever the reason is, you’re now ready to take your matched betting to the next level by investing in a matched betting service and you want to know which one you should go for.
  • You are between an intermediate and an advanced matched bettor. You’ve likely been using one or other of the pieces of software I’ve gone into detail on below but you’re open to see if the other piece of software can give you something a little extra.

If you fall into any of these 3 categories, hold my coffee. I’m about to give you everything you need…

Going it alone? Good luck. 

Now before we take this any further it’s probably worth mentioning a few things in regards to the value and effectiveness of using a matched betting software service.

I mean, you could do it all yourself and save a few quid every month – right? Well, not quite.

Between locating all the welcome offers, the reload offers, staying on top of the daily offers sent out by bookies, learning the different types of matched betting techniques using multiple sources (and the sheer time that takes up), using mental calculations, spreadsheets, and then ensuring you don’t make mistakes – if you decide to go it alone….

…good luck.

And I sincerely mean that. I understand what you’re thinking, but honestly, do yourself a favour and at least be open to the idea of using one of these services.

You’ll not only be able to make more money, but you’ll also be able to do it in less time too – all while saving the health of your mind going down the toilet – especially when you’re starting out.

In short, I highly recommend you invest in one of the matched betting softwares I go into detail on below.

The question should only really be – ‘Which one should I choose?’

The Benefits of Using a Matched Betting Software Service

So with that out of the way, here’s a quick list of the benefits you can get from using a matched betting software service:

  • Save Time

This one is big. Due to the number of offers that are released and sometimes the timing limitations of those offers, getting your matched bets completed as efficiently as possible is of major importance. Each service I go into below will allow you to complete more offers in less time. Banking your more money and saving your sanity in the process…

It’s simple really, the more time you can save, the more offers you can do and the more profit you can make.

A matched betting software will give you all the tools advice and guides you need to complete all types of offers in less time.

  • Increase Your Profits

This one’s huge. With the individual tools each service offers, you’ll be able to squeeze every last ounce of each offer – complete this over multiple offers and you’ll start to see your profits grow far quicker than if you were to go it alone.

You’ll also be able to get a live feed of up-to-date odds from each bookmaker and betting exchange while simultaneously being able to perform your matched bets from right inside the software itself – meaning you don’t have to keep a thousand tabs open to lay just 1 bet.

Again, these tools can also save you time. But your laptop or PC will thank you for the saved CPU space too.

  • Never Miss An Offer

Each service also gives you a list of ALL the offers currently on the market for every single bookmarker. Reducing the risk significantly of missing any offers.

You’ll be able to login to your account, go to the daily offers and start completing the ones that have already been located and pinpointed for you.

  • You Don’t Have To Rely On Your (Lack of) Maths Skills

Okay, so I’ve seen a few people in the matched betting community touting off how they pride themselves on having great maths skills.

That’s great and all – but, when there’s a tool to do exactly what they do in their head, I’ll use the tool thanks. It’ll not only give me accurate results every time but it’ll do it quicker too.

Listen, it doesn’t matter if your ‘maths skills aren’t that great’ – if you can click a few buttons in a calculator that’s already provided for you – you my friend can match bet and make money.

Each service below has the tools and calculators needed to make automated calculations at speed – taking ALL the hard work and guesswork out of your hands.

  • Stay On Track of Your Earnings

Again, this is another pretty important one you could easily look over. When I started matched betting I used an excel spreadsheet – when I moved over to the ‘Profit Tracker’ feature in OddsMonkey, life became a lot easier.

As you’ll likely be using one of the services to complete your matched bets, with a click of a button you can every single detail of the matched bet you’ve just placed recorded. From; the betting exchange you’ve just used, the bookies offer your taking advantage of, the profit you’re banking, what type of bet it was, and when in the 21st century you made the bet.

Recording all of that on your own? Again, good luck.

  • Learn and Upgrade Your Skill Set

Whether you’re new to matched betting or not – each MB software services provides you with detailed guides, videos, and tutorials to not only help you understand and profit from the basics of matched betting but also help you upgrade your skillset so you can start profiting from all the other offers and types of matched bets.

Videos and guides are provided for both learning new skills within the matched betting ‘arena’ and for individual offers so you can complete them properly with confidence.

  • Get Help and Support From Like-Minded People

Each service has dedicated forums and a community of people that can help you whenever you need it.

It’s also a great way to stay in the know where matched betting is concerned – whether that be new offers, bookie clampdowns, or just general news and events happening in the space.

Overall? A matched betting software service can help you make far more money in less time while minimizing the risk of you making mistakes to almost nothing.

They’re just a more efficient and effective way to match bet.

OddsMonkey vs Profit Accumulator: The 2 Main Players

There are 2 main players in the game: Oddsmonkey and Profit Accumulator.

In my 3 years of matched betting, I have used both and while they both look identical on the surface, there are a few differences that could be the deciding factor for your individual preferences.

Here’s a quick lowdown of each service, the positives, and negatives of each one, and my own personal experience using them…


Setup by a team of software developers, OddsMonkey (OM) brings you some of the best, up to date tools and features of any services on the market.

A current list of tools on offer in the dashboard includes;

  • A quick-performing Oddsmatcher,
  • a tennis each-way
  • An extra place and Acca matchers.
  • Plus, a list of different spreadsheets and 11 calculators for all types of matched betting.

OddsMonkey Review

When I first started my matched betting journey over 3 years ago, OddsMonkey was my go-to piece of software.

Partly due to a few reviews I read online, but also partly due to the community of matched bettors I was following at the time. This community was in essence, pretty new to matched betting, and the majority of the used OddsMonkey.

So, wanting to make no mistakes and have a group of people to call on if I needed help – going with OddsMonkey was the best way forward.

Overall, my experience with OddsMonkey was very positive. The calculators, guides, tips, daily offers and expected profits were perfect for what any beginner matched bettor needed.

The plan was simple – make my way through all the welcome offers and guide within the dashboard and simultaneously complete the easier reload offers on the daily basis.

Within 6-8 weeks, I was able to bank just under £1200. This was from completing a mix of both the welcome offers AND the reload offers published on the daily offers page.

I found the interface extremely easy to use and the tutorials easy to follow along and follow.

There were 2 gripes I had with the service at the time, however. One was the speed in which the daily offers were loaded up (in comparison to the time the bookie had posted them) and the second one was there were quite a few outdated video tutorials that were left up on some pages.

Now, I’ve got to be clear here. In regards to the outdated videos, while the videos were left up there was always accompanying text below. But, I just felt like this was a neglected part of the site that could’ve done with some updating.

The second one was in regards to the speed of the offers being released on a daily basis. There were a few times I was able to spot an offer the bookie had released well before OM was able to publish it in their daily offers feed.

Eventually, it was this exact grip that led me to look into Profit Accumulator.

OddsMonkey Pro’s

  • Great Daily Offers Calendar: That not only gives you a list of currently available offers but the expected profit from each of those offers and the difficulty of each offer.
  • Lots of great software and Tools: The founders are software developers after all – so you’d pretty much expect good quality, up to date tools and software. They’ve also got a massive quality of tools to use that can benefit you across most different types of matched bets. Worth mentioning here as well, that OM developers are known to constantly be updating each tool.
  • 15 different spreadsheets for you to download and help you stay on track
  • Easy to Follow Guides: The guides tend to be easier to follow than those of Profit Accumulator
  • Great Site Design: That makes finding and using the tools and software a complete breeze. Simplicity and effectiveness at its finest.
  • Get Professional Advice: When signing up for OddsMonkey you get a free 30-minute phone call with an OddsMonkey instructor to help you on your matched betting journey.

OddsMonkey Cons

While they do send out daily offers within their dashboard, they don’t send these out over email. They also don’t email weekly offers either.

While the level and quality of their tools are generally higher, in comparison to Profit Accumulator, their casino and bingo offers and guides are lagging behind a little bit.

Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator is the long-standing service in the game. So much so they boast a brilliantly packed forum of information with experience from people betting on all angles of matched betting.

While they also have an array of spreadsheets, calculators, and matchers on offer, PA generally comes with more offers and as a result, this leads to potentially more money in your pocket.

Profit Accumulator Review

After noticing I might be in for a little more profit using Profit Accumulator I decided to open an account with them.

The cost of a monthly membership was exactly the same and while the layout of the back dashboard differed between both matched betting services, PA still had a simple interface to use which made navigating the site pretty easy.

After tallying up the amount of money as I was able to make using both OM and then PA – the writing was on the wall – PA did bank me slightly more profit but not only that, I was able to get a better understanding of how to grow my monthly recurring profits too.

One of the biggest strengths PA has is its community and forum sections. One thread aptly named ‘£1,000 per month’ was able to give me a real understanding of where to locate the best offers and how to slowly increase my monthly income.

This is something that while OddsMonkey does touch on, they’re just not really on the same level as Profit Accumulator.

My guess for this is simple – Profit Accumulator has been around longer and therefore has significantly more matched betting ‘veterans’ who are more wise and astute to making money from matched betting in general.

Profit Accumulator Pros

  • Generally, more money to be made: Not only are there more opportunities to make a bit more money but I found the speed in which they published offers was a little bit quicker than that of OM.
  • Great Forum: With some of the most intelligent minds in matched betting at your fingertips.
  • Great Matched Guides and Tutorials: Again, just like OM, Profit Accumulator offers some great content on both the basics of matched betting but also earning more from different types of matched betting.
  • Advanced Tools: Easy to use tools needed to bank profit from matched betting. Each tool comes with all the necessary information you’ll need. As a side note, OM’s Oddsmatcher tool did have this tendency to NOT auto-refresh. Profit Accumulator’s Oddsmatcher tool however DOES. Minor detail, but when you spend so much time using this (which you will) it makes all the difference.
  • Profit accumulator also comes with 16 calculators and a host of different spreadsheets to use.


  • Site design is not intuitive and as appealing as OM’s. There’s also the quantity gap found in the number of tools used on profit accumulator.

Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey: Comparing The Costs

If we go back a few years, Profit Accumulator was actually more expensive on a monthly basis. Not only that but they also charged an additional fee for some of their tools.

Thankfully for us matched bettors, market competition is a good thing. The rise and pressure of OddsMonkey forced Profit Accumulator to rethink their pricing strategy.

Both matched betting services now offer their services at the same prices of £17.99 per month.

However, Profit Accumulator offers a loyalty bonus for those who stay with the platform for over 12 months and purchase an annual subscription. For the first year, you’ll pay £150 (Avg. £12.50 per month) but after 12 months the annual subscription fee is then reduced to £125 (£10.40 per month).

This is a nice little cherry on the cake, especially if you’ve been matched betting for some time now.

Verdict: Both on par here in terms of the monthly price. The annual savings, however, adds a little more to think about however and can really benefit those who intend to be matched betting for at least the next 24 months.

For beginners who are still learning the ropes and not sure whether matched betting is for them in the long run? You have a choice of both. For more advanced long-term matched bettors – Profit Accumulator seems to be the service of choice.

OddsMonkey vs Profit Accumulator: Matched Betting Guides

Each service offers a series of guides and tutorials to help you in understanding matched betting (if you’re a beginner), upgrading your skills (if you’re looking to maximize your profits), and walk-through guides to help you complete the offers without making mistakes.

Both services also offer the chance to profit around £45 for FREE before even signing up for their platform. So, essentially this allows you to make money before you’ve shelled any money out.

The hope in this is each platform then hopes you will use those profits to invest in their monthly subscription.

While both platforms present the information in a slightly different way and format, the quality of guides with both services are top-notch.

With coloured boxes, infographics, and videos to help you understand what they are trying to explain.

At the time of writing this review, Profit Accumulator has more guides to read however, this can change and doesn’t affect the quality of OM’s guides.

Verdict: While many users might point to the fact PA has more information available (at the time of writing this) I will still say this is a pretty even tie again.

Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey: Comparing Welcome Offers

Both services offer a plethora of offers to profit from. Each one with accompanying guides and tutorials showing you how to take advantage of each offer.

Profit Accumulator gives an ‘offer rating’ while OddsMonkey gives a difficulty rating. In my experience, especially starting out, I find that the way in which OddsMonkey presents these offers is far more beginner-friendly.

In terms of the number of welcome offers available, Profit Accumulator does tend to have more offers for you to complete.

But, it’s well worth noting that each offer takes a different amount of time to complete and comes with its own difficulty level – in short, not all offers were created equal.

While we’re on this topic, OM does a great job categorising each offer by its type. So for example, when you log in you’ll see offers categorised by:

  • Bet x Get Y Sign Up Offers
  • Risk-Free Bet Sign Up Offers
  • Multi-Step Offers
  • Enhanced Odds
  • Off-Piste Offers
  • And finally, a section that outlines ‘Offer to Avoid’

While PA does do a great job at presenting the offers you can take advantage of and profit from, I feel that OddsMonkey does this in such a simple, easy to follow and understandable way that OddsMonkey is the winner here IF you’re a beginner to matched betting.

For more seasoned matched bettors, the quality of offers on Profit Accumulator will make PA your likely choice.

Overall, both present their offers well but as we’ve seen depending on your current matched betting skill level – each service offers something slightly different.

Verdict: For beginners – OddsMonkey is the way to go. For more seasoned professionals Profit Accumulator should be your service of choice.

OddsMonkey vs Profit Accumulator: Comparing The Betting Exchange Integration

One thing that you’ll want to focus on will be completing offers in the most efficient way possible. To help with this both Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey offer a feature where you can integrate your betting exchange into the platform itself – saving you from having to swap tabs anymore than is necessary and allowing you to then record the details of those bets instantly.

These integrations are a lifesaver, especially as odds at the bookies do tend to change at a moment’s notice.

So how does each service stack up in regards to the integration feature?

Both services offer seamless integration with both smarkets and Betfair. Simple as that really.

Side Note: You’ll need to work out which betting exchange you’ll likely use more (smarkets, Betfair, or Matchbook) as each exchange offers different deals in regards to the commission you pay.

Verdict: Both are pretty much on par here.

Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey: Comparing The OddMatcher Software

This is the tool you’ll no doubt be using the most. So, it’s only right we should dedicate a whole section to it.

The Oddsmatcher software allows you to not only see all the odds of particular bookies listed in front of you, but all the data you’ll need is presented in a way that is not only easy and quick to use but updated fast enough so you can lock in as much profit as possible before the odds change.

Both OM and PA provide you with an OddsMatcher to help you lock in your profit at the highest price. Both services also offer the ability to lay your bets with both Betfair and smarkets from within the dashboard itself. This is not only a huge timesaver but minimizes the risks of making the wrong calculations too.

Let the software do the work and place your lay bets without needing to copy and paste numbers across browser tabs.

Both OddsMatchers also give you the ability to record your bet eliminating the need to manually do this yourself.

If I had to be really picky, I would the layout and interface of the OddsMonkey OddsMatcher is a little more appealing – but, this in no way takes away from the functionality of Profit Accumulators OddsMatcher tool.

Verdict: Again, no real difference

OddsMonkey vs Profit Accumulator: Comparing Reload Offers

The reload offers are where you’re going to spend a lot of your time once you’ve made it through the Welcome Offers. So, it’s important that each service not only offers a good selection of recurring reload offers but delivers the fresh bookie offers daily – and FAST.

Your reloads can come in many forms including:

Daily offers

  • Weekly bet clubs
  • Accumulators
  • Casino offers

Both services offer a huge list of reload offers and both categorize and accompany them by:

  • Profit (expected vs guaranteed)
  • Risk level
  • Difficulty level

Now while this isn’t always the case, generally speaking, I have found Profit Accumulator to list the most reload offers. I’ve also found that they tend to update their list of reload offers quicker than that of OddsMonkey.

For seasoned matched bettors – this is a huge win for them.

Using OddsMonkey I often found myself delaying my daily routine waiting for the offers to update on their daily updates. And, at times I found the offer on the bookmaker’s website BEFORE OddsMonkey had published them.

Overall, however, I find OddsMonkey’s interface easier to navigate and understand and this does make all the difference especially when you’re just starting out.

Verdict: Again, for beginners again I would probably recommend using OddsMonkey due to the simplicity and ease of using their platform. Finding and understanding the reloads in Profit Accumulator is just a tad bit more complicated.

That said however if you’re looking for that additional few offers and the speed in which those offers are brought to you – Profit Accumulator is the way to go.

Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey: Comparing Casino Offers

I’m a guaranteed profit man. You offer me the chance to bank profit risk-free – I’m taking it. So, it’s no surprise that many matched bettors do NOT take advantage of the casino offers.

But, they can be a huge earner.

I would however only recommend you take the casino offers AFTER you have completed all the sportsbook sign up offers.

As with the sportsbook offers you’ve completed, the casino offers also give both risk-free and low-risk opportunities.

It’s important to understand the technicalities behind casino offers before you start to complete them – which both services do a great job at explaining.

To start with, most of the sign-up casino offers tend to be risk-free, and once you have an understanding of how they work you should complete them.

Casino offers are rated on what they term as ‘EV’ – EV stands for expected/estimated value. Using a very simple formula (which you can find in the tutorials offered by both services) you’ll be able to work out whether or not a casino offer is worth doing.

So how do both services stack up in regards to Casino offers?

Well, generally speaking, I’ve found Profit Accumulator to do a better job at not only explaining casino offers but also offer more casino offers in total.

At the time of writing this:

  • Profit Accumulator: 38 Casino Offers
  • OddsMonkey: 14 Casino Offers

Verdict: If you’re looking to really up your casino game I would go with Profit Accumulator, but that’s not to say you can’t profit from the casino welcome offers on OddsMonkey.

If you hadn’t already noticed – there’s a trend starting to appear…

OddsMonkey vs Profit Accumulator: Comparing Other Features

The truth is, each service offers an amazing amount of software for a ridiculously cheap price. Other features listed on the platforms include:

  • Community / Forum

This is one of Profit Accumulators’ biggest strengths. Being on the market slightly longer and having access to some of the most experienced matched bettors in the game gives PA’s community and forums a huge boost over OM’s.

  • Customer Service

Both can be pretty on par here – however with OM’s offer of a free 121 call with one of their experienced staff matched bettors. I would tend to say for beginners – OM wins here.

  • Blog

Both blogs are often updated – but in terms of you banking profit, there’s not really much to add here.

  • Calculators

In terms of calculators on offer- OM comes in with 11 calculators compared to PA’s 16. However, just the sheer quality of calculators on the show doesn’t tell the whole story. While more calculators for different types of bets are handy – it’s worth noting that some OddsMonkey calculators can have more options available within the same calculator.

Overall – what really matters – is both services offer a good selection of calculators that allow you to match bet with accuracy.

  • Profit Tracker

Again both services have a profit tracker in place to record your profits. This is one of the biggest reasons I personally choose to invest in a matched betting service in the first place.

Starting out I was manually recording these bets. Trust me when I say this – it’s no fun at all.

Comparing the Profit Trackers from both services, I’ll admit even as a more advanced matched bettor – OddsMonkey is far more user friendly, quick to read and frankly – better looking.

While both PA and OM offer a visual representation of earnings, OM’s is far more detailed and advanced than that of PA.

One thing that PA does trump over OM however is the ability to record how much money you have left in your bookie accounts. This is a nifty little feature I’ll be honest.

Overall even after matched betting for some time now I personally prefer the Profit Tracker displayed in OddsMonkey. 

  • Additional Tools

While this is a subsection don’t let it fool you. Both services offer an enormous amount of additional tools to help you bank as much profit as possible from matched betting.

From placing accumulators betters to banking profit from each-way and extra place offers – both services have you covered.

In terms of presenting these in an easy to access, organized way, however, OM wins for me here/ It’s a marginal win but a win nonetheless.

Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey: Which One To Choose?

So, with all that said which one should you choose?

Well, if you took the time to read this 5000-word guide and the ‘Verdict’ section under each heading you might have started to see a pattern.

In general, I would recommend following the process that I accidentally followed myself when I first started out.

If you’re a beginner-matched bettor, whether that’s a complete beginner with no experience or someone who has completed the first few offers using any one of the thousands of guides online my recommendation would be to choose OddsMonkey.

It’s simple and easy to use interface coupled with the way in which they organize their offers just makes OddsMonkey the best matched betting service for beginners in my humble opinion.

If however, you’re a little more seasoned and are looking to increase your profits a little more I would check Profit Accumulator out. Not only does their platform generally have more offers listed, but their casino guides and offers are also superior and their community forums are full of knowledge from some of the best-matched bettors in the game.

While those are the main differences – there are a lot of similarities between the 2 services and if I was to put in simple terms, have both become very worthy competitors of one another. This of course forces each service to stay on their toes and try to offer a superior service which in the long term benefits us as matched bettors.

To sum it all up? There’s absolutely no hard in trying both. But if you want to keep things as simple as possible, start with OddsMonkey if you’re a beginner and definitely have a look into increasing your profits with Profit Accumulator.

And the most important thing? Keep beating the bookies!

All the best,