Matched Betting Resources

In the world and profits of matched betting, it’s always beneficial to have a few tools and resources in your arsenal. 

With new offers always landing, new techniques to be learned and more money to be earned – it’s always beneficial to stay on top of your game. 

Below I have listed the best resources around to help you on your matched betting journey. 

Matched Betting Software Service

You could, if you wanted to, do all the calculations yourself, keep track of all your bets yourself, find all the offers yourself and generally try to go it alone. 

Good luck. 

For the rest of us, I’d highly recommend using a matched betting software service. The benefits are pretty endless but here’s a few if you need some reminding…

  • Get Daily Offers: Uploaded every day to your account (and sometimes by the hour). So you don’t have to manually find each offer yourself
  • Video Tutorials: To help you understand the nuances of every technique – without searching endlessly online to find your answers. 
  • Community Access: Access to like-minded matched bettors to ask questions and get hands on support when you need it 
  • Earnings Tracker: So you can keep on top of all your profits, bets and offers done without endlessly scrolling through an excel spreadsheet
  • Essential Tools: Including; different types of calculators to speed up your calculations, oddsmatcher software to find you the best matched betting opportunity in seconds and tools to help you with you

…in short, a matched betting software service can help you not only make more money, but it’ll help you do it quicker, making less mistakes and making more money – all for less than £18 a month. At that price, these things are worth their weight in gold. 

There are 2 main players in the market. Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey. 

When I started on my matched betting journey, going off a few recommendations at the time I went with OddsMonkey and I’ll be honest I was happy with the service I got. It gave me all the information and skills I needed to bank my first £1176.68

Since then, I have moved over to Profit Accumulator and while both platforms are extremely similar in the services they provide there have been a few differences I have noticed. To get a full low-down on the comparison between the two – your can check out a recent article I wrote here: Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey: Mr Matched Betting Review

Profit Accumulator: 

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Interested in using Profit Accumulator? You can check it out here…


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Maybe OddsMonkey looks like a better option for you? You can find them here…

Whatever option you choose, I recommend you choose one. Going it alone without one of these services is like driving through the night, forgetting your eye-glasses, with one headlight dimmer than the other while driving through a snow blizzard. 

…in the north of England somewhere…I dunno…in…Doncaster maybe? 

You get the point. Make sure you pick one. The £17.99 monthly fee is an absolute steal for the amount of profit and value you’ll get back from it. 


Forums can be a tasty little place to not only pick up some quick offers but to stay on top of the curve with matched betting. 

Id’ recommend checking out: 

Facebook Groups 

I would highly recommend you follow Team Profits Facebook group. They provide a free matched betting service to help everyone do as well as possible. You’ll also be able to shoot over questions to other fellow Matched Bettors if you run a-ground with something. 

You can check out their fb group here…

Reddit Pages

Reddit is a brilliant source of information for almost anything you need. This is largely due to the fact that spam, in any shape or form is routed out quickly. People want to help people and those that come in with ulterior motives tend to be shut out by the community pretty fast. 

I’d recommend setting up a free account if you haven’t already got one and start following these pages…